Leading organizations today are aware that despite modern times the representation of women as compared to men is low at all levels of the ladder but particularly prominent in the senior management. It has been proved beyond doubt that the contributions and participation of women across industries and levels leads to greater business success. Research also shows that despite good numbers in educational institutes and middle management a severe leak happens in the pipeline, reasons for this are both in the social level and in the professional mindset. A combination of policies and mindset is what will begin the change journey.

We help you in both.

Inculcating Mind-set of Inclusiveness

Inspiring participants to take ownership for creating change and being agents of making the organization Gender Intelligent.

Awareness of Difference

Presenting scientific facts on Brain Differences to enable participants to accept and understand Gender Differences. Exploring how Men and Women lead differently, make decisions differently, buy and sell differently and communicate differently.

Team Sensitivity

Fostering an environment where both genders have the freedom to be their authentic best.

Celebrating and Retaining Differences

It is wise to accept and 
acknowledge that men and women complement
 each other. Long terms success paths can be created when we genuinely invite and appreciate the other's perspective with a clear understanding to work together as a team.

Exploring Blind Spots & Unconscious Biases

Blind spots are those aspects of human behaviour and beliefs which we do not even realise are being perceived as non-inclusive.

The Purpose


Aligning Gender collaboration to Business outcome


Retention and Progression of both men and women employees.


Being the employer of choice.


Helping both men and women understand the skills to communicate and work with supervisors and colleagues of other gender


Creating a respectful environment for making an organization an authentic inclusive employer.



  • It Engages and involves each participant. 

  • Is based on NLP techniques which makes learning deep and permanent.

  • Is highly interactive.

  • It addresses the participants’ unique and specific challenges.


We have trained people across levels and industries, from Global leaders to frontline.

“Dr. Niru and Ask Insights have successfully helped organizations in creating an authentically inclusive environment.”


- Dr. John Gray


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