"I am a woman. Relationships matter to me. So does profession, so do children and so do I!!! Sometimes that gets overwhelming. Sometimes I am confused. Often I don’t get what I want…"

- Dr. Niru Kumar


As women, we are at that exciting point of our evolutionary journey, where we are going to learn to retain our feminine strengths and yet be dynamically capable and move forward with a force. We are going to shift the organizational principle of society and the workplace from that of predominantly male viewpoint to a balanced one where the male-female energies come together in synergy and the result is pure creativity.


The underlying frustrations of being misunderstood, or not heard or overworked or overwhelmed if not handled rightly may leave enormous potential untapped.


Women face both, the internal and the external challenges while moving ahead in their life journey whether it is personal or professional realms. This workshop helps the participants distinguish between the two. It empowers women to overcome both internal and external challenges and move forward in a strong and incredibly feminine way.


The Approach


Understanding vulnerability & Enhancing capability. We call the Program “Project Breakthrough“ because the terminology helps in

  1. Anchoring the concept to the unconscious, and

  2. Keeping the commitment to practice.




  • Group exercises and discussions.

  • Skits and role play.

  • Powerful insights through storytelling.

  • Videos

  • Understanding the real-time challenges of participants and finding solutions through brainstorming and applying tools.

The Outcome

  1. Enhancement and progression of women leaders.

  2. Participants will be able to make better decisions, lead and negotiate better.

  3. Women participants shall learn powerful career progression techniques.

  4. A Step towards balanced male-female ratio on top and middle level.

  5. Gender intelligent individuals engaging confidently with each other at the workplace and social settings.

  6. Retention of talent.

  7. An authentic gender intelligent organizational culture.


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