“Whether we like it or not We all have biases. That does not mean we are bad people, A human mind has many properties/characteristics like intelligence, defence mechanisms, filters, subjectivity, problem-solving etc, and a bias is like any other property natural to a human mind is meant to make life simpler and reduce the time for analysis, in short, a human mind jumps to conclusions to save time...”
Dr. Akshay Kumar, Professor & Head of Psychology

These conclusions very often turn out to be a limited or wrong perspective.


We have trained thousands of employees in the past decade across levels and industries, and have seen the unconscious biases play out again and again and we have witnessed their impact on the individual & organisational effectiveness in our workshops and mentoring programs. Since we are talking about the unconscious biases, it needs enormous expertise and experience to uncover and re-wire the unconscious. NLP is the most effective tool to transform one’s old unproductive patterns to new productive patterns by using the brains ability to develop new neural pathways. Our facilitators Dr. Niru Kumar and Dr. Akshay Kumar are senior psychologists and NLP experts having rich experience to bring about an effective & meaningful transformation in the participants taking them to the next level of productivity and authentic leadership.


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