Even though women are progressing at an admirably fast rate, health challenges can result in small setbacks. One of the reasons is unlike men, the peak career making phase and expanding & raising the family phase is the same.


Research shows that the stress level of women is significantly higher than men, both at home and at work. They are much more likely than men to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Almost half of all women (49%) surveyed said that their stress has increased over the past 5 years compared to 4/10 ie. 39% men.


We at Ask Insights understand the mind-body connection deeply and realize that the preventive & healing interventions have to from both the aspects simultaneously. The Well Women program is an integration of physical, psychological and spiritual health, which includes:


  • Preventive health measures for women.

  • Health education.

  • Awareness programs i.e. breast cancer awareness program.

  • Gynaecology health.

  • Maternity Health.


  • Stress Reduction.

  • Counselling for their unique issues.


  • Meditation.

  • Mindfulness.

  • Reiki.

  • Yoga.

  • Creative Dance Therapy.


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