Whole-Being Woman Leadership Program

The air and the conversation is changing. The government, media, training industry and organizations are now setting a new tone which addresses gender differences and mindsets. Women are now given benefits and opportunities to overcome challenges like the gap in careers, safety and infrastructure issues. Training’s and mentoring are being provided at a fast pace. Involvement of men is also being highly encouraged.


Despite all this, why is the women leader in the top positions still facing profound challenges and chronic stress?

Even after having all support when she feels that she has not yet been able to cross the bridge, a feeling of guilt and low self-esteem starts creeping in.

How much of this is still due to the environment and how much due to archetype makeup of the women psyche?

How does one discern and differentiate?

The different areas of a woman's life are all important to her and neglect of any one area leads to guilt and stress. The pendulum swings sharply between resentment and blame to extreme self-doubt. Do we have enough tools to overcome both aspects?


The Purpose

To develop well balanced and self-actualized leaders in the organization. This program is based on the principles of positive psychology and it addresses the all-around well-being of women leaders.


Thus, making it one of its kind program focusing on the all-round development of the women leaders.

The Whole Being Woman Leadership Program is unique, based on the SPEAR© model balancing various aspects of the woman leader’s personality for her well-being and business.


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